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Fresh Cuts: The Breaking Volume
Dean Fearce
Fresh Cuts: The Breaking Volume
1197 views - Posted on Dec 25, 2015 at 7:25

A collection of short stories in uncommon genres from SciFi-Fantasy hybrid and YA Horror to Literary Horror and Comedic Fantasy. Though fluid in genre, the stories all share one common theme: daring characters doing unsettling things to get out of extraordinary situations.

Sixteen-year-old Mary longs for the life her family left behind as they hopscotch into new homes, trying to outrun an old foe. On a farm nearby, Nora awaits the rising sun for other reasons, wondering if it's the last day she'll have with her loyal employees. As the sun rises on their edge of the world, it sets on the other, where sixteen-year-old Charlie faces the darkness of superstition and the dark side of globalization in the Philippines. Being a child of both worlds, he sits on the fulcrum and his choice will require a sacrifice.

From a little house of horrors in California, to an alternate universe that provides a gateway to infinite alternate universes where myths and legends live and breathe, the stories span the time and space humans would travel to sate their curiosity. And the stories tell of the trouble and destruction humans attract even as we construct spaceships, portals...