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Dreams and Realities
Jonathan L Trapman
Dreams and Realities
876 views - Posted on Oct 9, 2016 at 1:27

When a local policeman discovers an empty skiff with a discarded revolver and note, floating on a storm strewn Lake Como in Italy does it lead to a terrifying trail uncovered years earlier in the New York City Library in 1928 by an English investigative journalist, Capt AH Trapman aka Toto?

A vast unpaid fortune owed his family for gold gifted to the Revolutionary cause and his dream this would lead to his very own Yellow Brick Road, turns into a reality revealing dark secrets, nightmare scenarios and hidden agendas impacting the world, imminently to be illustrated in the Crash of & 29.

Will he decide there are bigger fish to trap and truths to expose than self-enrichment?

Does he become the fish or fisherman?

Will his findings ignite another spark of revolution or are forces ranged against him too powerful to reel in?

Unmasking their endgame places him and his explosive discoveries into the spotlight of a person of interest and Public Enemy No 1. His life in mortal danger he opts for exposure.

A race against time, hunted down by agents of the powerful, survival hinges on awaking from dreams and facing realities head on.