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Preke Town
Gary O. Thompson
Preke Town
983 views - Posted on May 24, 2020 at 18:35

When four children, Carlton, Jonathan, Maleek and Rosy are forced to leave their homes, they have very low expectations of the new town to which they are moving. It is so far far away, and despite the fun their parents tell them to expect, they need to see it to believe it. Once there, they're soon excited by the beautiful playground and the adventures to be had. Little do they know, however, that beneath the surface of Preke Town, the place they now call home, lies in hiding an evil force and an ugly green creature.On one dark, stormy night while the children were all alone, the evil one came out of hiding. From the shadows of the earth beneath appeared the big green creature with sharp yellow eyes, shiny teeth and large wings! The screams of the children are heard. Will the evil force and the creature destroy the children and their new home? Will someone come to their rescue, or will the children be brave and strong enough to defeat the evil one and his creature? Let’s see what awaits them in Preke Town.