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Kansnubra Island and the lost portal
Andrews Ulisses
Kansnubra Island and the lost portal
659 views - Posted on May 11, 2020 at 18:00

Garley, a young boy, is constantly bullied by the arrogant students at Braghton College. But then a light at the end of the tunnel appears—or so he thinks—when he finds a gold medallion that teleports him to Kansnubra Island. The island is located in the Bermuda Triangle, and is the secret home of dragons, wizards, warriors, and adventures—a place where magic meets advanced technology.
However, Garley’s journey to return to his normal life will be long and hard, and the portal in the woods that could be his ticket home may not be reachable at all. The uncertainty will be great, but the adventures and friendships will be even greater.

“You are stuck, Garley,” said Aldrich, in his scratchy voice, looking at him with pity in his eyes. “There is no way off the island. In order to leave, we would need the portal. It is deep in the woods.”
“It’s in the woods? Then let’s go there!” Garley said. He would do anything to see his family again.
“Don’t be foolish! There are monstrous creatures in the woods. Besides, it is huge, and we do not know the exact location of the portal.”