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Best Ebooks Blog Page

Who Was The Real William Shakespeare?

The guy from Stratford or Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford? First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays Published in 1623, the 'First Folio' a collection of 36 plays by William Shakespeare, is considered one of the most influential books ever published in the English language. Yes, there is an authorship debate about who wrote the Shakespeare canon and has... [click here to read more]

Writing Tips From An Indie Author

Another question I'm often asked as a self-published indie author is, do you have any writing tips for those who want to start writing? Well, I certainly do - though I'll try to avoid the obvious ones that every other writer talks about. The truth is, writing is not some artistic gift from the gods - just like any other creative endeavour, it takes time and a lot of practice and mistakes to get an... [click here to read more]

How To Write A Killer Crime Novel, By Val McDermid (who’s Sold 15 Million Of Her Own)

Written by Charlotte Philby For the first in our new Writers Bloc series, prolific crime writer Val McDermid tells Charlotte Philby the secret to writing 32 books in as many years Val McDermid is the multi award-winning author of 32 crime novels, which have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and been translated into 40 languages. She is married to the professor Jo Sharp, and has a teen... [click here to read more]

‘Little Can Be Done With The Pen Cannot Be Repeated With The Typewriter … ’

“The paper has to be turned and re-turned, and twisted in a thousand different directions, and each character and letter must strike precisely in the right spot. Often, just as some particular sketch is on the point of completion, a trifling miscalculation, or the accidental depression of the wrong key, will totally ruin it, and the whole thing has to be done over again.” — Pitman’s Phonet... [click here to read more]

Literary Festivals

Literary festivals are celebrations of books, the literary arts and the creative process. Festivals often involve seminars, workshops, launches and signings. The opportunity to purchase books is also often an option available at many of these festivals. Canada Bloody Words Bloody Words is Canada’s oldest and largest festival celebrating mystery readers and authors. It is held in a different... [click here to read more]


Once upon a time... Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place he had was a very good one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, and round him grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But the little Fir wanted so very much to be a grown-up tree. He did not think of the warm sun and of the fresh air; he did not care for the little cottage c... [click here to read more]

Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey-Funded Writers Lab Selects Projects

A dozen screenplays have been selected for the program, sponsored by New York Women in Film and Television and IRIS. Twelve projects have been selected to participate in The Writers Lab, produced by New York Women in Film and Television and IRIS, an organization that promotes female voices in fictional film. Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey fund the program, entering its third year, which bills ... [click here to read more]

Get Ready For The World To Be Covered In Electronic Ink

The Amazon Kindle is probably the least gadget-y gadget ever created. No one ever exclaims about its remarkable specs. It doesn’t need upgrading every two years. You just pick it up, turn it on, and read. It’s always felt that way too, even when the Kindle had a keyboard and nineteen buttons and weighed four hundred pounds. It’s the black and white E Ink display that really sets the tone.... [click here to read more]

Books Vs. E-books: The Science Behind The Best Way To Read

By AMY KRAFT While browsing the bookstore to buy a gift for that special someone (or yourself), you may be faced with a tough decision: e-books or the old-fashioned kind? Each one has its pros and cons, and choosing the best option depends on a number of factors. Some of the practical advantages of going digital are obvious: A portable little e-reader can carry an entire library wherever you... [click here to read more]

Young People 'prefer To Read On Screen

Young people are now much more likely to prefer to read on a computer screen rather than a printed book or magazine, according to a UK survey. The National Literary Trust studied almost 35,000 eight- to 16-year-olds. Its findings suggest a picture of young people who are now immersed in a screen-based culture. As well as social networking and browsing websites, the study indicates almost a thir... [click here to read more]

Do You Know Someone Who Absolutely NEEDS To Tell Their Story?

We each have meaningful gifts inside us that allow us to create beauty in the world and to change the lives of those around us for the better. This holiday season, I encourage you to consider how you can foster the talents and ambitions of your family and friends with the presents you give them. I am excited to share a gift-giving opportunity unlike any you've heard of before - one that has the... [click here to read more]

5 Keys To Becoming An Author CEO

For many an aspiring indie author, the wildly creative juices that flowed so freely during the writing process evaporate once it comes down to actually selling books. Being an author is not the same thing as running an author business. The good news is that you can harness the same creative passion that drove you to write your book, to build a thriving author career. The most important gear shi... [click here to read more]

How To Promote Your Self-Published EBook On Social Media

This post is part of a series called Profiting with Business eBooks. How to Write an eBook Description that Sells How to Plan an eBook Series How do you find readers for your self-published ebook? If you simply upload your ebook to Amazon and wait for sales to flood in, you'll be sorely disappointed. It could be weeks before you make your first sale. To sell your ebook, you must tell pe... [click here to read more]

6 Reasons Why Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Will Win The 2015 Nobel Prize For Literature

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o has had high odds for the last few years among pundits to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. This year he’s currently given 7/1 odds, just behind Haruki Murakami. Although we don’t have any official confirmation that the Nobel prize committee has been entertaining the notion of giving him the most coveted prize in literature, I'm positive they've been eye-balling him up an... [click here to read more]